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STI services you can trust

Our team of dedicated medical professionals are well-oriented, non-discriminatory and friendly. At home or in any of our centers, we are discreet and passionate about your health. You can trust us. You are in SAFE hands


Our Packages

  • Book for a gynecological consultation at home or at our center

    30 min

    250 Ghanaian cedis
  • HIV | Hepatitis B | Hepatitis C | Syphilis

    30 min

    120 Ghanaian cedis
  • HIV | Hepatitis B&C | Syphilis | Gonorrhoea | Chlamydia | UTI and more

    30 min

    250 Ghanaian cedis
  • Comprehensive STI tests plus Blood Group and Sickle Cell Status

    30 min

    330 Ghanaian cedis
  • A combination of comprehensive tests for lifestyle diseases and STIs

    30 min

    500 Ghanaian cedis
  • Carefully curated specialised tests for today's woman

    30 min

    490 Ghanaian cedis
  • A combination of fertility hormonal tests and STI tests for women

    30 min

    450 Ghanaian cedis


Appointment Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed